Polystyrene board construction technology

The construction plan

1, construction conditions

1) the basic wall has been accepted. Door, window frame and wall body into the various pipeline, plumbing bracket, embedded parts, etc. according to the design and installation completed.

2)The flatness of shear wall shall be checked with 2m ruler. When the maximum deviation is greater than 4, the cement mortar with a thickness of 20 1:3 shall be used for leveling. When the maximum deviation is less than 4, the uneven part shall be repaired with 1:3 cement mortar.

3)The masonry wall shall be leveled with 20 thick 1:3 cement mortar.

4)the basic wall and leveling layer should be dry.

5)the construction site environment temperature and the wall surface temperature within 24 hours after the construction shall not be lower than 5 ℃, wind power is not more than 5.

6)Effective measures should be taken during summer construction to prevent rainwater from washing over the wall.

2,Construction tools

Electric wire cutter, slot cutter, wallpaper knife, screwdriver, hacksaw blade, scissors, electric mixer, impact drill, electric hammer, brush, coarse sandpaper and common tools.

3,the construction process with a special adhesive base wall treatment brush interface agent together with the paste extruded board pre-adhesive board side grid strip drilling and installation of fixed pieces of the extruded board grinding leveling brush interface agent together with the polymer mortar with the underlying layer of polymer mortar with embedded paste mesh cloth surface layer of polymer mortar

4. Key points of construction operation

1. Grassroots treatment

Thoroughly remove the base wall surface of floating ash, oil, mold release agent, empty drum and weathering materials that affect the bonding strength.

2. In order to increase the bonding force between the extruded board and the base layers, the interface agent shall be brushed on both sides of the extruded board.

3. Special binder:

1) pour 5 portions (by weight) of dry mixed mortar into a clean plastic bucket, add 1 portion of purified water, stir while adding water, and then use a handheld electric mixer to stir for 5 minutes, until the mixture is evenly mixed and the consistency is moderate.

2) leave the prepared binder for 5 minutes and mix it before use. The prepared binder should be used up within 1 hour.

3) only purified water is allowed to be added to the special binder, and no other additives (agents) are allowed to be added.

4. Install the extrusion board

1) the size of the standard plate is 1200*600, and the diagonal error is less than 2. The electrothermal wire cutter or tool knife is used to cut the extruded plate, and the allowable deviation of the size is 1.5.

2) mesh cloth folding: pre-bonded mesh cloth on the extruded boards at the holes of doors and Windows and on both sides of deformation joints, with a total width of about 200 and a width of 80 for the folding part. The specific method is as follows: the cutting length of mesh cloth is 180 and the thickness of the board is added. Firstly, a special binder with a length of 80 and a width of 2 is applied on the bag turning part, and then the 80-long mesh cloth is pressed in, and the rest is thrown out for later use.

3) apply the prepared special binder on the back of the extruded sheet. The compaction thickness of the binder is about 3. In order to ensure a firm bond, the bonding method can be adopted by strip bonding method and strip dot method.

4) stick method: with the tooth trowel will be special adhesive horizontal uniform wipe on the extruded board, the width of 10, thickness of 10, the middle distance of 50.

5) point method: use a trowel to wipe 50 wide and 10 thick special binder around and in the middle of each extruded board, and then wipe 100 diameter and 10 thick ash cake in the space of extruded board.

6) quickly paste the extruded plastic board with special adhesive on the wall to prevent the surface from skinning and losing the bonding effect. No special adhesive shall be applied on the side of the extruded sheet.

7) after the extruded board is glued to the wall, it shall be pressed with a ruler for 2 meters to ensure its smoothness and firm pasting. The board shall be squeezed tightly between the board and no cracks shall be allowed. As the gap formed by cutting is not straight, the extruded board shall be inserted and polished. Each glued a board, should be extruded out of the special adhesive clear.

8) the extruded boards shall be piecewise pasted from bottom to top along the horizontal direction, and each row of boards shall have 1/2 length of staggered joints, and the local minimum staggered joints shall not be less than 100.

5. Mounting fixtures:

1) the fixing parts shall be installed after the extrusion board is pasted for 8 hours and shall be completed within the following 24 hours. According to the location of the design requirements with a percussion drill drilling, aperture 10, drilling into the base wall depth of about 60, the depth of the anchor into the base wall depth of about 50, to ensure that solid and reliable.

2) the number of fixed parts shall be set according to the design specification.