Industry news

  • Post time: 05-21-2019

    HOW DOES INSULATION WORK? An un-insulated home is subject to considerable winter heat losses and summer heat gains. Insulation The term ‘insulation’ refers to materials or a combination thereof which provide resistance to heat flow. When these materials are installed in the roofs, ceilings, wall...Read more »

  • Extruded board performance characteristics
    Post time: 02-20-2019

    1, excellent thermal insulation With high thermal resistance, low linear, low expansion ratio, the structure of the closed porosity reached more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer, to avoid air flow heat dissipation, to ensure the durability and stability of its insulation performance, compared wi...Read more »

  • Lipu rock wool board – your best choice for building insulation
    Post time: 02-20-2019

    With the rapid development of building material market, rock wool board as a new green building material has been used widely in buildings. So do you know what the material is? Now today we are going to introduce it to you. Rock wool board uses basalt as material, after high temperature melting ...Read more »