What are the classifications of rock wool?


Fireproof isolation zone rock wool zone

Is a form of rock wool products, because the direction of the rock cotton fiber changes substantially, not only to achieve the rock wool board fire, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing and other normal performance indicators, its tensile strength and compressive strength has a qualitative increase. The normal rock wool board is parallel to the rock wool board structure, while the direction of the rock wool belt fiber is perpendicular to the direction of the board, so it has stronger tensile strength and compressive strength, and higher safety factor for external wall insulation.

Rock wool fire isolation zone features:

1, fort mitterrand rock wool board exterior insulation system, mainly by the pendulum type method of hydrophobic rock wool board for thermal insulation material, use glue, nail combining with fixed process connected to the wall at the grass-roots level, and the plaster mucilage and reinforced with glass fiber mesh cloth composite and act the role of surface decoration mortar or plaster layer coating consisting of a-class non-combustible building energy-saving insulation system.

2. System structure mainly includes: bonding layer, insulation layer, prefacing layer, finishing layer and accessories. Decorative mortar, decorative mortar and other light functional coating or good air permeability of waterborne exterior wall coating should be used for the finishing layer.

3. With the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good air permeability and high level of combustion performance, it can be applied to the energy conservation and insulation works of the external walls of new, expanded and rebuilt residential buildings and public buildings.

Metal faced rock wool sandwich board

The metal surface rock wool sandwich board is a composite board made of noncombustible rock wool as the core material, coated steel plate and other metals as the surface, and bonded by adhesive. It is a combination of fire prevention, heat preservation and insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction as well as aesthetic decoration. It is flexible and fast in construction and installation, and is an ideal choice for exterior wall panels, layers, ceilings and internal partitions.

Rock wool pipe is a kind of rock wool insulation material mainly used in pipelines. It is made of natural basalt as the main raw material. After melting at high temperature,

Rock wool tube

Man-made inorganic fiber made by high-speed centrifugal equipment, at the same time add special binder and dustproof oil, and then through temperature curing, made into various specifications, different requirements of rock wool insulation pipe. At the same time, rock wool and glass wool aluminum silicate wool composite insulation tube shell. Rock wool insulation tube shell is made of resin rock wool insulation tube shell and waterproof rock wool insulation tube shell made of selected diabase and basalt slag as the main raw material, by high temperature melting in the process of high speed centrifugal spray special adhesive and waterproof agent.

Rock wool roofing board

Rock wool roofing board is designed for the characteristics of flexible waterproof roofing system, such as heat preservation, insulation, fire prevention and short life cycle. Xinzhongyuan rock wool roof board has excellent compressive resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and point load resistance. It can meet the load requirement of roof construction and maintenance.

Post time: Jul-10-2020