The system characteristics and application scope of exterior wall insulation board

External wall insulation board can be used for wall insulation alone by mechanical anchoring method, or can be used for external wall insulation by combining with other insulation materials. The connection between the board and the board as well as the connection with the main structure adopts the unique installation form of insertion and anchoring. The external thermal insulation system is formed by Yin Angle, Yang Angle, connector, buckle edge, window cover, decorative line, etc. The system includes the anchoring method and filling compound method.

System features:

1. Mechanical anchoring method, filling and compounding method and light steel skeleton method can be used for installation.

2. The plate insert interface and the tone-and-groove connection of the plate end are firm and waterproof, and the special fittings of various installation forms are complete to ensure the safety of the system.

3. Avoid thermal bridge, no cracking, no falling off, no water absorption, quick drying of exterior surface, no freeze-thaw in northern application, and no mildew in southern application.

4. The service life of the structural system shall not be less than 50 years, and the service life of the decorative metal coating shall not be less than 20 years.

5. The construction of dry operation is not subject to seasonal climate restrictions. The external walls used for the reconstruction of existing buildings do not need to be treated, and the wall panels can be reused or recycled after demolition.

6. Meet the target requirement of 65% energy saving.

7, color aluminum alloy (or other color metal plate) through the roll pressure into a variety of concave and convex texture, not only to increase the texture and surface strength, but also increase the heat expansion and cold shrinkage

Applicable scope of exterior wall insulation board

1. It is applicable to the exterior insulation and decoration system of residential and public buildings. It is suitable for both new building and energy saving renovation of existing building.

2. Enclosure wall of frame structure building.

3. Interior and exterior insulation and decoration renovation works of existing buildings, and also applicable to the outer protective walls of villa buildings and middle and low-rise buildings.

4. Suitable for cold regions, cold regions, hot summer and cold winter, hot summer and warm winter, etc.


Post time: Aug-20-2020