Since the house why insulation materials preferred extrusion board, in the end where good?

Rural since construction for external wall insulation to this project is very seriously, especially in the northern region, in most cases, people will use extruded board as exterior wall thermal insulation material for construction, not only reflected in the prefabricated buildings, so also on some other structure since the building, so heat preservation is the most important step, makes sense.

At present, the heat preservation is divided into internal heat preservation and external heat preservation. There are not many people doing internal heat preservation, but relatively more external heat preservation. Basically, the materials used for external heat preservation are: thermal insulation mortar, polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar, extruded polystyrene board, etc. And the main insulation materials are insulation mortar, polystyrene board, glass wool, rock wool, etc.

Compared with these building materials, the advantage of extruded board is more drawing. In prefabricated buildings, extruded board is the first choice for many exterior wall insulation boards. Why on earth?

1. High thermal resistance, low linearity and low expansion ratio

The closed hole rate inside the extruded plate can reach more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer to avoid air flow and heat dissipation, and ensuring its insulation performance lasting and stable, that is to say, the higher the closed hole rate, the better its insulation performance.

2. Excellent high strength compressive resistance

Because of its high compressive strength, the extruded sheet can bear different kinds of load, and it has excellent performance for floor engineering and roof treatment.

3, with high quality moisture resistance

As mentioned above, the closed pore ratio of the extruded plate is very high, so its water resistance has been improved. Its internal water absorption and molecular structure are very stable. Therefore, whether it is rain or dew, it can be blocked out to ensure good thermal insulation performance.

Based on the above three points, extruded board has become the most important and the most used insulation material. In the future, when we build our own house, especially when we carry out prefabricated construction, extruded board will be selected as the insulation material.


Post time: Aug-05-2020