Lipu rock wool board – your best choice for building insulation

With the rapid development of building material market, rock wool board as a new green building material has been used widely in buildings. So do you know what the material is? Now today we are going to introduce it to you.

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Rock wool board uses basalt as material, after high temperature melting and then high-speed centrifugal equipment to make artificial inorganic fibers. At the same time, adding a special binder and dust oil, and then heat and solidify to produce rock wool board.

Characteristics of rock wool board

Rock wool board has properties like light weight, low thermal conductivity, non – combustible and so on. Details see the following:
1、Rock wool board with high compression, tensile strength and durability ensure the product performance of long-term stability and reliability.
2、Rock wool board is A-class non-burning type material,and do not release heat and toxic fumes. In the fire, it can also effectively cut off the flame spread.
3.Rock wool board which has low thermal conductivity and superior insulation property, can improve the building thermal resistance, reduce the building heating and air conditioning energy consumption.
4. Rock wool board has no corrosion effect on carbon steel, aluminum (alloy), copper and other metal materials.
5. Rock wool board has a high efficiency on noise absorption and elastic vibration of the physical characteristics.
6.Rock wool board has light weight, can be cut easily.
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Post time: Feb-20-2019