How will inferior rock wool be used for external wall insulation

Rock wool, as a kind of non-combustible insulation material with good performance, has been widely used in exterior wall insulation engineering. However, throughout these years has been completed very *** is under construction, the use of rock wool as external wall insulation materials engineering cases, due to the industry *** competition caused by rock wool material quality is uneven, extensive external wall insulation system construction quality is poor and other factors, so that the building external wall drum, cracking very *** is falling off phenomenon is common.


Recently, a residential area in a continuous rainstorm under the occurrence of large area of external wall insulation peeling phenomenon. The investigation of the quality supervision station shows that the main reasons for the rock wool falling off the outer wall of this building are the poor quality of the rock wool itself, loose cotton batting, low tensile strength and non-standardized external wall insulation construction.

* * * rock wool board is mainly composed of transverse distribution of fibers, the tensile strength is low, and sensitive to hot and humid environment, meet after water injectivity layered rock cotton fiber silk, deformation is serious, not only reduces the coefficient of thermal conductivity of rock wool itself, in a wet environment for a long time is easy to cause rock wool decay, not to mention the inferior wall subsidence on rock wool is more likely to lead to empty drum, fall off rock wool board exterior wall thermal insulation system as the advocate material, highlight the importance of the construction. Cutting corners during construction greatly increases the risk of system sheet falling off. The relevant personnel of the quality supervision station said that the number of anchors in the rock wool system of this project is small, and the use of anchors can hardly be seen from the broken boards falling off on the ground. Due to the structural evacuation of the horizontal wire of rock wool board and the low tensile strength in the vertical direction of the board, the external wall insulation system of rock wool board is mainly anchored, with bonding as a supplementary feature, which makes the system have higher requirements for effective anchorage of anchor bolts. Therefore, the number of bolts or bolts used in the outer wall insulation system of rock wool board is too small or the quality of bolts is not good enough to meet the negative wind pressure effect , it is bound to be blown down, even *** is torn by high wind.


Post time: Jul-03-2020