How to distinguish the method of rock wool board authenticity

Rock wool board is a new kind of heat preservation, fire insulation and sound absorption material. Rock wool board basalt slag was the main component of the original stone raw materials, production process by high temperature furnace ore fully melted, through high-speed centrifugal roller technology, formation rock cotton cotton jilt silk, by the high speed blower after the injection molding, cooling in injection cooling process to add the corresponding percentage of colleges and universities after adhesive and water efficient abhorred, via synchronous large pendulum equipment, the hydrophobic rock wool glue in three-dimensional cloth cotton state cotton uniform distribution on the tracks, a synchronous track equipment will cotton cloth to automatic three-dimensional discounted equipment, take cloth cotton to pressure plate equipment, after high temperature drying furnace, Injection to make its cooling rock cotton cotton is efficient adhesive is of high effect, will rock wool board glue as a whole, controlled by the automatic transmission equipment crawler running speed, the density of rock wool board to form the corresponding rock wool long version, rock wool board after high temperature furnace drying, sent to the cooling out FengKouChu, the subband blower segmented wind effect, rock wool board sufficient cooling. Rock wool board belongs to thermal insulation materials, suitable for petrochemical, electric power, chemical industry equipment thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, but also can be used in the construction of insulation wall, curtain wall, roof and enclosure sound absorption and noise reduction, also used in industrial kilns, oyers, large caliber storage tanks and ship fire insulation and so on.

Then through caterpillar to size cutting equipment, cutting equipment USES the synchronous operation technology, equipment according to specifications, size for synchronous adjustment, the longitudinal cutting hair, its long plate cutting rock wool board, after the synchronous parallel motion cutting, using lateral secondary cutting, make its cutting rock wool board products of the same size, after automatic vacuum equipment, the cutting material, slag is clean after overlapping automatic equipment, rock wool board to package thickness, sent to the automatic heat shrinkable packaging equipment, rock wool board as a whole package, the hot blast stove to shrink film contraction, sends out the packaging equipment, the piecewise blast cooling after the wind. The finished product transporter is used to transport the finished product of rock wool board to the storeroom for storage, to be loaded for delivery. How to judge the stand or fall of rock wool board: see from the color of cotton, whether same, have white yellow different. And then whether the distribution of the glue is uniform, whether there are glue blocks. Contains the slag quantity, whether can the naked eye see many large slag. Good is the same color, into yellow, glue is evenly distributed, and the cotton is fine, the naked eye can not see a lot of slag above.


Rock wool board is basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials, rock wool board by high temperature melting into fiber, adding an appropriate amount of binder, curing processing and made. Rock wool board products are suitable for industrial equipment, construction, ship insulation, sound insulation and so on.

Characteristics of rock wool board:

1. Appearance quality of rock wool board: the surface is smooth, without any scars, stains or damages that hinder the utility.

2. Combustion performance of rock wool board: non-combustible.

3, rock wool board heat load shrinkage temperature: 643 degrees.

4. Hygroscopicity of rock wool board: 3.9.

5. Organic content of rock wool board: 2.9.

Basic parameters of rock wool board:

Material: color steel plate, rock wool

Apparent density of rock wool board: 120(kg/m3)

Thermal conductivity: 0.04(W/(m.K))

Maximum service temperature: 80 ℃

Specification: 950, 1150(mm)

Rock wool board standard: national standard

Working temperature of rock wool board: 80 ℃


Post time: Jul-23-2020