How to distinguish heat preservation material stand or fall?

With the national promotion of building energy conservation, a series of policies and regulations have been introduced and implemented. Rock wool insulation board material was once pushed to the tip of the tuyere. In addition, there are many people in the choice of insulation materials and uncertain decisions. More and more people begin to pay attention to thermal conductivity and water absorption of thermal insulation materials. However, how to choose a high thermal conductivity, high water absorption of thermal insulation materials? How does insulation material stand or fall after all distinguish?

How to distinguish rock wool insulation board material?

A lot of people outside the heat preservation material alone is chosen as the thermal insulation material or bibulous rate is high, low coefficient of thermal conductivity as the judgment standard, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is actually the common indicators of thermal insulation performance, but also an important reference project selection of insulation materials, but the quality index of the thermal insulation material is not just this one can determine the coefficient of thermal conductivity, be sure to refer to the following indicators comprehensive judgment:

1, water absorption: building insulation is to put on a cotton-padded jacket for the building, this cotton-padded jacket in addition to external insulation, but also can not absorb water.

2. Air permeability: The technical index of air permeability is the diffusion resistance of water vapor. If the permeability of the external wall insulation system is not good, the diffusion of water is blocked. First, it blocks the outflow of water from the wall and affects the color of the finish coat. The second is to produce stress, make the paint film bubble, fall off; Third, the water content of the wall increases gradually, leading to condensation water enrichment, which brings adverse effects on the performance of the wall, such as thermal engineering, structure, etc. Fourth, even if the external wall insulation system meets the energy saving standards, it will cause indoor air pollution, which is not suitable for living.

3. Bonding strength: Reflects the bonding firmness of wall insulation materials, so as to reduce and avoid hollow drums, cracks and falls in the wall insulation system, and ensure the safety and durability of the functions.

4. Tensile strength: The insulation board reaches a certain tensile strength or tear strength.

5. Compressive strength

6, fire performance: fire performance will have the corresponding material fire performance grade,

No. 7. The environmental protection

Eight. The service life of the

The choice of insulation material can be said to be a hard work, I hope friends can carefully consider screening, do not choose blindly. With the promotion of building energy conservation by the state up to now, the development of thermal insulation materials has been further developed and improved, and the types are more diversified. It is the best to carefully select the ones suitable for you.

Post time: Sep-01-2020