Brief analysis of the installation knowledge of extruded sheet

1. Bar sticking method: Evenly spread the special adhesive on the extrusion board horizontally with a dentate trowel, with a bar width of 10, a thickness of 10 and a median distance of 50.

2. Apply the prepared special binder on the back of the extruded board, and the binder compaction thickness is about 3. In order to ensure a firm bond, strip bonding method and strip point method can be used.

3. The size of the standard plate is 1200*600 and the diagonal error is less than 2. The extruder is cut with an electric wire cutter or a tool knife, and the allowable deviation of the size is ±1.5.

4. Grid cloth folding: The total width is about 200 and the width of the folding part is 80 on the extruding board at the entrance of doors and Windows and the two sides of deformation joints, etc. The specific method is as follows: the cutting length of grid cloth is 180 and the thickness of the board is added. First, apply a special adhesive with a length of 80 and a width of 2 to the turn over part, then press in 80 long mesh cloth, and then throw out the rest for later use.

5. Paste the extruded board with the special binder on the wall quickly to prevent the surface from becoming skinned and losing the bonding effect. Do not apply special adhesive to the side of extruded board.

6. Stripe method: wipe a special binder with a width of 50 and a thickness of 10 around and in the middle of each extruded board with a float, and then wipe a grey cake with a diameter of 100 and a thickness of 10 in the separation area of the extruded board.

7, extruded board paste should be piecewise from bottom to bottom along the horizontal direction, each row of the board should be staggered 1/2 board length, local minimum staggered joints shall not be less than 100.

8. After the extruded board is glued to the wall, it shall be pressed flat by a ruler for 2 meters to ensure its flatness and firm adhesion. The board shall be squeezed tightly between the boards without any seam. Each stick a board, should be extruded special adhesive removal.


Post time: Sep-15-2020