About the application of extruded board

Extruded board manufacturers of product materials, can be widely used in steel roof structure, building wall insulation, building floor moisture and other fields.

Ordinary extruded board to smooth the skin, the epidermis and adhesive and plaster mortar can adhesion is very poor, on the one hand can make the surface rough even good paste, with the adhesive and the mortar tensile bond strength, water resistance and freeze-thaw resistance strength above 0.25 MPa, the bond strength, greatly improving the system to increase the reliability. On the other hand, a certain amount of internal stress is uniformly released by peeling.

Many people may think that extruded panels are used for external thermal insulation of exterior walls. Due to poor dimensional stability, they will be deformed due to the influence of climate, which will eventually lead to cracking of surface coating coating. EPS system is not as good as EPS system, but this is not the case.




Post time: Jun-16-2020